U2 Elevation 2001 tour, live from Boston. this is the moment we go live on NBC during half time in the NBA Playoffs. U2 are just reaching the high point of the gig….. STREETS. what you don’t see is 2 minutes before this Edge had called a rotund college kid up onto the stage to play his guitar because he was heckling. The guys in the NBC mobile were going INSANE. like freaking CRAZY. i love my job. Boxes on the left: Top= Fans perspective Bottom= Transmission.

Director: Hamish Hamilton


«Still one of my favourite videos and one I come back to frequently. Every time i’ve to do a live to tape or live to internet broadcast I end up back here. I’m fortunate to have the ability to work with the same people and you develop a shorthand. I first saw you on the C4 show Faking It when you said something like “I fucking love live TV!” And I could so relate to that even though i’d never directed. At 30 ish at the time I couldn’t get an opening with big companies to learn the industry that way so i’ve learned every role via small jobs and now own a small production company. Love your work and you inspired me to push myself to do what I knew I was passionate about. Love the opportunity to bump into you and shake your hand sometime.» ► James Brindle.

«OMG I lost this DVD a while ago and I was searching the internet for this «Extra». This is a special moment. You know I remember seeing this footage and thinking it’s amazing, the energy and then I saw the «another perspective» extra on the DVD and I felt your energy filming it. Look, there is another moment when you film with or without you and I remember that you got that shot of the girl and your reaction… that moment when you just know you nailed it and it is a special moment caught on camera… Hope to find the DVD on e-bay to have the full experience again. This is was special moment in time.» ► Frederico Calentano