The Visual Architecture of Parasite

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Parasite is one of the most detailed, intricately crafted films of 2019. In this video essay I examine how Bong Joon-Ho uses set design and visual language to reveal the film’s deeper themes and ideas.

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I couldn’t help but get chills during most of this video; you captured so many things I’ve wanted to put into words for a while. The fact that Parasite tackles the larger structures and systems that create the class divide, rather than trying to blame the individual «bad apples» within those structures, is what makes it so different from many other «eat the rich» narratives. Terrific stuff, mate.


I just saw the film a couple days ago, and the ending really stood out to me. I immediately thought about the myth of The Dream of success, and how they will work and wait and hope for when the opportunity comes, though it probably won’t. It won’t undo all they’ve lost already…. the years of struggle, pain, isolation, the death and maltreatment of those in the same situation (the previous owners)… the idea that once the son gets /his/ way, all his father will have to do is come up the stairs. He must achieve the improbable for even the chance to elevate others. “Until then. So long.” Chills. The details about the physical barriers really helped explain a lot of what I was feeling but couldn’t articulate / quite pinpoint. Thank you for this video. You’re one of my favorite channels!