Roberto Schaefer: Lighting Masterclass

2 Hours Lighting Masterclass with cinematographer Roberto Schaefer, ASC, AIC. He is known for his work on Monster’s Ball, Finding Neverland, Quantum of Solace, The Paperboy, The Host, Geostorm, The Red Sea Diving Resort. For educational purposes only. Non-commercial purposes.

«So true what the host said.

One shoot and you’ll know more than a university course. I have a degree in electrical engineering/computer science. I came to work as a consultant for a production company. And through that I ran into the vfx supervisor. Over lunch I asked him questions. And having programmed, astronomy and medical image enhance algorithms, I was captivated that there are now pieces of software that could do all that without, programming. I came there every Friday.

I automated their VFX pipeline and they taught me compositing. Suddenly I’m a VFX guy. One day I got a call from this guy to help him on Dunkirk with a difficult job. And later on Masters of the Sky. Combining my VFX knowledge with my programming knowledge. No school could ever learn you that in 4 years.

And whilst being on sets, I learned cinematography just be watching asking questions. Buying my own gear. And 20 years ago I could barely shoot with a Nikon point and shoot.
Being on the job is the place to learn. All the greats did.

Raymond Doetjes»

«I like the content but the problem with a lot of this masterclass is the recording. The folks recording them do not know how to record or film in a coordinated manner. They keep on filming the presenter and not what the presenter is talking about or trying to show. For example, when Roberto was instructing the gaffer (or was it the grip) to adjust the flag, the person filming it kept on recording Roberto talking on his mic and not the flag that needs to be corrected. The latter is more important to see which we hear Roberto in the background talking or explaining what he wants done.»

Enjoy the 2 Hours Lighting Masterclass with cinematographer.

Ellory Yu

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