The Hypnotic VoiceOver of Werner Herzog

Out of a thousand VoiceOver narrators when you hear his voice, you know it’s no one else but Werner Herzog.
If there was one recurrent theme in Herzog’s works we would say it would be human vs. the extreme, and by the extreme we mean wild nature, fighting your own demons, suffering and death. And one of the ways that helps him explore and present these topics is his trademark VoiceOver.

Narrated by Matthias and Mark from the Truthtellers – An International Team of Voiceover Narrators. You can work with them by visiting

With footage from:
«Encounters at the end of the world» (2007) dir. Werner Herzog
«White Diamond» (2004) dir. Werner Herzog
«La Soufriere» (1977) dir. Werner Herzog
«Happy People» (2010) dir. Werner Herzog
«Grizzly Man» (2005) dir. Werner Herzog
«Into the Abyss» (2011) dir. Werner Herzog
«Fitzcaraldo» (1982) dir. Werner Herzog
«Werner Herzog Eats his Shoe» (1980) dir. Les Blank
«Werner Herzog Teaches Filmmaking» (2016)
«Fury» (2014) dir. David Ayer
» The Unfixed Brain» © Suzanne Stensaas, PhD
«The Muppet Show» dir. Jim Henson
«The Simpsons» dir. Matt Groening
«American Dad» dir. Seth MacFarlene
«Rick and Morty» dir. Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon
«The Boondocks» dir. Aaron McGruder
«Shutter Island» (2010) dir. Martin Scorsese

Chorovaya Akademia sings Bortnyansky «Retche Gospodei Moyemu
Danny Elfman «Intro» from Rabbit and Rogue
Jerzy Duduś Matuszkiewicz «Nie lubię poniedziałku»
Jerzy Duduś Matuszkiewicz «Alternatywy 4»
DJ Craze Amazing Scratch Mix #ScratchGod
Don Edwards «Coyotes»
Freddie Joachim «Quick»
Freddie Joachim «Lost Child»
John Barry «James Bond with Bongos»
John Barry «Leila Dances»
John Barry «Man Overboard Smersh in Action»
John Barry «Spectre Island»
NWA «Straight Outta Compton»
Richard Thompson «Grizzly Man Session 03»
Richard Thompson «Man Title» (Grizzly Man Soundtrack)
Richard Thompson «Parents»
Richard Wagner «Ride of the Valkyrie»
Richard Wagner «The Flying Dutchman Ouverture»

This video was created out of pure love for cinema
for educational purposes only.
As such it does not intend to infringe any copyrights