Multiverse short film

A crowd moving in one direction.People who flow in a moment.
A scene where the difference with other people disappears and looks uniform.
There are many different kinds of life there.
You can feel invisible energy when you see a large mass of individuals.

I set myself in the streets of Taiwan, and I multilayered a lot of time to create a new timeline that reflects individuals.

Hiroshi Kondo(

Music & Sound Design
Himuro Yoshiteru(

A brilliant piece of art! I was amazed! But one big QUESTION IS: WHY is there NO sign of possible photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) seizures? Though this is a piece of art, please do make DISCLAIMER, as you have done with «triggered» warning for example. I’m suffering from epilepsia but I’m an M.D. as well. And this video has to have an «epilepsy warning». NO DISCLAIMER! I haven’t had a seizure BUT HAD AN «AURA»(Gooogle if you wan to#epilepsy aura). Please, do PUT A SIGN for possible photosensitive epilepsy (PSE) seizures before watching. Thank you!

Ivana R